The Most Important Part of your Landscaping is Below the Ground: A Quality Sprinkler System

As my husband was showing me a completed job the other day, I was asking him what the most important part of the landscaping is.  His reply surprised me a bit because it isn’t something you can see.  The most important part of your landscaping is actually below the ground.

The quality of your sprinkler system determines the quality of your landscape.  How efficiently and orderly your sprinkler systems delivers water will determine the long term health and beauty of your yard.  Your sprinkler system is the most important investment to consider when considering your landscape plan.  If money is an issue, invest in a quality sprinkler system first and then add to your landscaping as you can.

There are many things to consider when shopping for the right sprinkler system.  Whether you want to install the system yourself or you are looking to hire the work done, make sure you take the right steps to ensure you get the best system for your home.

If you are interested in designing and/or installing your own sprinkler system make sure you do your research and consider all the factors of your yard and water supply.  I have provided a link to a good step-by-step tutorial that will help you answer your questions.  irrigation tutorials

If you are shopping for a good landscaper/contractor to do the job for you, here are some questions to ask and things to be aware of so you know you’re getting a quality system that will protect and nourish your yard for the best price.

Tips to find a qualified installer:

  1. Know a bit about a sprinkler system and how it works so you can talk to the installer about your needs.
  2. Have a landscape plan in mind.  The design of your yard will make a direct impact on how to control the amount of water in an efficient manner.  For example, you want to pay heed to which areas are sun and which areas are shade.  If possible, you want sun and shade areas in separate zones (a group of sprinkler heads that come on together), otherwise you will get too much water in one area of the zone and not enough in another.  Know where you will have planter area verses lawn area.  Their watering needs are different.  Be aware of trees and how big they will grow.  Will a large tree block the sprinkler flow to the area behind it?  Discuss your design with your installer to ensure all your watering needs are being met.
  3. Know the importance of water pressure and flow rate of your system.  Pressure and flow determine how the system is set up and what components are needed to make the system work well.  An experienced installer will know the water pressure in your area and how to determine pressure and flow.
  4. Keep in mind sprinkler head placement, direction and coverage.  The sprinkler heads should overlap, meaning one head should spray over to another head.  This makes it so if one head is missing an area, another head is picking it up.  It is so important that your sprinklers cover every inch of your yard or dry spots will appear.  A good installer will be willing to talk to you about these details and answer all of your questions.
  5. Check for warranty and experience.  You don’t want a problem down the road that you can’t get the installer to fix.  Maintenance and repair are just as important as a good system.

Your sprinkler system is a serious home improvement and personal financial investment.  Mike says that through his years in landscaping he has often been asked by home owners and builders how they can save money on their landscaping.  On paper, the sprinkler system is the most expensive and people often ask how they can do it for less money.  Mike always tells them, it is cheaper to do your sprinkler system right then it is to tear your yard out and put the right system in after a poor quality one has been installed.  Invest in a quality system first and then add to your landscaping as you can afford it.

So how much will a quality sprinkler system cost?  Depending upon the contractor you’re working with and how much you’ll need in the way of materials, price can vary considerably.  Generally, an average 4,000 square foot sprinkler system will run between $2,400 and $4,000.  The larger the area you need to cover, the more the system will likely cost.

One thing I love about Mike is his determination to do a job right.  He would rather walk away from a job then to install a lower quality sprinkler system that he knows will cause the home owners problems in the future.  Evolution Landscape & Nursery employees pay attention to detail and produce high quality work.

If you are looking to have a quality sprinkler system installed in your yard, like anything, do your homework and hire an experienced installer to do the job right.

We hope this sprinkler information has been valuable to you and wish you the best of luck with your landscaping!

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