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Our Favorite Trees and Shrubs for Fall Color

I absolutely love this time of year.  As the days grow shorter and the nights cooler, Mother Nature casts her spell and the colors of fall begin to appear.  After months of hot temperatures, I welcome the evenings that I can put on a jacket, sit out on my patio and listen to nature.  I feel blessed to live in an area that enjoys all four seasons.  I look forward to each changing one! As landscapers, we love to play with color.  Different trees and shrubs provide changing color through the seasons.  Knowing this you can play up your landscape design [ ... ]

Add Interest and Beauty to your Landscape with a Purple Fountain Beech

Spending time outdoors this spring has given me a greater appreciation for the beauty right outside my door.  Being married to a landscaper definitely has its perks! I have been talking about adding color to your landscape this spring, so I thought I would focus on a few of my favorite plants that will add instant color and beauty to your landscape.  Mike has a few of his favorites as well and this tree is one that we both agree on.  The Purple Fountain Beech is a gorgeous, unique accent tree that is sure to turn heads. Our home backs up to [ ... ]
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Rhododendrons, My Favorite Spring Shrub!

If you are like me, you have a hard time staying indoors this time of year.  The warmer spring and summer temperatures do beautiful things to my landscape.   Each year, as I spend time in my yard, I fall more in love with our rhododendrons.  We have beautiful rhododendrons planted on the side of our home.  They are an easy shrub to plant and care for and will add an instant POP to any spring landscape. If you have a shady planter area you are looking to spruce up, rhododendrons are a great choice.  They are popular flowering shrubs that bloom [ ... ]
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Turn Your Old Chair into a Darling Flower Pot

My husband is a landscaper and I love to scrapbook.  When it comes to our yard, he designed, planted and maintains it, but I embellish it!  Embellishing your yard is a great way  to add to your  “curb appeal”.  Curb appeal is what makes your home, business, or project stand out.  It’s what gives it POP! and makes someone stop and look a little longer.  Today, I will show you how to embellish your yard or garden by adding a fun splash of color. This is a great time of year to add color to your yard and make it stand out.  Planting annuals is one [ ... ]
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The Most Important Part of your Landscaping is Below the Ground: A Quality Sprinkler System

As my husband was showing me a completed job the other day, I was asking him what the most important part of the landscaping is.  His reply surprised me a bit because it isn’t something you can see.  The most important part of your landscaping is actually below the ground. The quality of your sprinkler system determines the quality of your landscape.  How efficiently and orderly your sprinkler systems delivers water will determine the long term health and beauty of your yard.  Your sprinkler system is the most important investment to consider when considering your landscape plan.  If money is an [ ... ]
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